Preserve Our Heritage

Preserve Our Heritage is dedicated to the preservation of the legacy given to us by our Forefathers. We are comprised of farmers and other interests in California's Merced and Madera Counties.

Our immediate concern is the California High Speed Rail Project.

Preserve Our Heritage has attempted to work cooperatively with the engineering firms, consultants, HSR staff and Authority Board to secure routes that are compatible with our decades-old economic infrastructure. However, to date the preferred routes selected over strenuous objections by local residents and agencies will devastate our agrarian future and way of life.

Regrettably, it appears our only recourse is expensive legal action.

We are currently engaged in several legal options, but need financial help. We encourage and will greatly appreciate your assistance!

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Wildlife and Environment

A nest of three infant Red Tail Hawks in a private Chowchilla game reserve threatened by one of the alignments.

The Central Valley depends on a healthy and vigorous Honey Bee population for the fertilization of a majority of the crops grown here. Noise and drafts created by the High Speed Train are expected to disrupt this necessary element in our farming practice.


The Massaro Family has been farming in the Chowchilla area for four generations dating back to the early 1900s.  One of the High Speed Rail alignments will sever their farm in half.  In addition, the Massaro’s face the real possibility of losing their homes to make way for an enormous overpass that will be constructed to accommodate the high-speed rail traffic.

The Haynes Family has been a part of Madera County for 109 years.  High Speed Rail threatens this five generational family of agriculturalist through the reduction of farmable lands that have supported this family for decades.


This is a picture of what the California High Speed Rail Authority is calling a,  “transportation corridor”.  Instead of aligning the High-Speed Rail tracks with already existing, Highway and Railway corridors as promoted in its legislative initiative the Authority seems fixated on plowing through productive farmland and essential water convayence systems in its effort to build the most amount of track for the least amount of money.  The enticement of Federal seed money has taken precedence over what is in the best long-term interest of State,  a safe and reliable FOOD SUPPLY!


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